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PROPHETIC ENCOUNTER NIGHT - Special Guest Mike Turrigiano

Join us for our next PROPHETIC ENCOUNTER NIGHT! These evenings are set apart for worshipping together, hearing a teaching and then spending the rest of the time getting activated to operate in the gifts of the Spirit through gentle activations, ministry time and/or impartation. As a church, we are committed to living into the Vineyard value that “everyone gets to play.”

On Thursday, Oct 10th we will have our special guest MIKE TURRIGIANO join us to teach on a Kingdom worldview and how it’s related to “seeing” the things of the Spirit. This was one of the first things that the late John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard) emphasized when he taught the MC510 Signs & Wonders class at Fuller Seminary. Simply put, if we can’t see what the Father is doing, we won’t be able to join in. So come and learn what it means to hold a Kingdom worldview and to grow in seeing what the Father is doing all around you.

To find out more about Mike Turrigiano and his ministry, go to Main and Plain

To purchase Mike Turrigiano’s latest book on Holy Spirit ministry, go to I'm No Superman: Holy Spirit Ministry For The Rest Of Us

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