Extend Your Table (EYT) is an opportunity for members of The166 to create a meaningful gathering that reaches the people in their lives with the desire to introduce them to Christ through ongoing relationship. EYT can be expressed through gatherings like dinners, movie nights, book clubs, game nights or Alpha. But the concept of Extend Your Table goes beyond hosting gatherings; it’s really about a way of living to which we pay attention to God’s activity and to the people He has placed in our everyday lives as we lean into hearing God’s voice and then acting on it. We believe that if every person in our church had a lifestyle of extending their tables to the people around them, we can extend the love and message of Christ on a greater scale. Some folks at The166 have extended their tables by inviting neighbors to have dinner, going hiking together, praying for their co-workers, and reading the Bible with a homeless man near the workplace. These are just a few examples of extending your table. What would it look like for you to extend your table?

If you have any creatives ideas on how you would like to extend your table through The166, please email so that we can explore together.