Simply put, becoming a member at The166 means that you are becoming a part of our spiritual family.  We want to be a church where everyone can come, feel welcomed and find their way at their own pace. Regardless of whether you decide to become a member or not, everyone is always welcome to come on a Thursday night to participate in all that we are doing as a church. 

Membership at The166 is not a formal contract per se, but more of a general understanding between an individual and others in the body. Those who consider The166 their home church can affirm the following 3 statements: The 166 is where I am: 1) equipped 2) investing time/resources and 3) known. 

EQUIPPED - Ephesians 4:12-16

We want to equip you to follow Christ in all areas of your life. Our hope is that you will be able to “do the stuff” that Jesus did as you come on Thursday nights. Our 3-part rhythm of Group Lectio Divina, Biblical teaching, and Prophetic Encounter Nights have been designed to equip you to follow the way of Jesus. There will also be several Saturday afternoon gatherings where all members will be invited to receive additional equipping and have fellowship.

INVESTING TIME / RESOURCES - 2 Corinthians 8 - 9

We acknowledge that NYC demands so much of our limited time, emotional bandwidth, and money.  Yet members commit to investing a portion of their time and resources into The166. Practically speaking, we affirm the longstanding practice of tithing that the historical church has practiced through the ages. Our view is that the act of tithing is an outward manifestation of an inward reality.

KNOWN - John 13:34

A key part of developing the kind of life with God that we are looking for is walking with others who share what Oliver O’Donovan calls “Common Objects of Love.” Our first and foremost call is towards intimacy with Jesus, and community is formed when our hearts are knit together through a shared picture of what it looks like for the Kingdom of God to come alive. Through this, we become known in a profound and fundamental way, and obedience to the commandment that Jesus gave to “love one another as He loved us” naturally follows. 

 Below is a simple form that you can fill out if you would like to become a member or are considering becoming a member of The166 church community. We understand that this may be a process for some of you and so, please take time to think prayerfully about it. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out to us at