At The166, we have a team approach for multiple levels of leadership. We believe that having a team offers an opportunity to hear a variety of different voices and expressions. We have various teams comprised of different men and women who give teachings, facilitate Lectio Divina, lead worship and provide governance over our church plant. Everyone in leadership at The166 either has a full-time job or additional vocational responsibilities.

KARA KIM (Co-Pastor)

Kara Kim is a certified spiritual director and also has a Masters in Social Work. She has previously worked as the Program Manager at Restore NYC and implemented its first aftercare program to serve foreign-nationals who were trafficked into NYC. Currently, she splits her time as a pastor, a spiritual director, a mother to her 8-year old son Samuel, and also helps to oversee a ministry called Coram Deo.

JOHN KIM (Co-Pastor)

John Kim is a founder of the Karamaan Group, a long-term investing firm that takes ownership interests in public and private companies. Prior to founding Karamaan in 2008, John was at MSD Capital since 1998 and was a Partner from 2001 to 2008.  He is also a co-founder of The Shannon Network, an online community engaged in rigorous, good faith discussions about the future of our economy. The Kims are one of three founding families of Coram Deo: A House of Worship, Prayer and Entrepreneurship, located in Midtown Manhattan. 

CORE TEAM - This team functions similarly to a board of elders.

Janine Rohrer 

Corey Hayes

Marion Hayes

David Buchs

Rosanna Buchs

FINANCE COMMITTEE - This committee oversees all financial matters.

Meredith Mazzotta

Steve McNeilly

Theodore Henigson

John Kim