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At The166, we are attempting to reimagine what a local church can look like as we live in a culture dominated by consumerism and entertainment. The reality is that even church has turned into a product for individual consumption. We see the challenges in fighting the drift of consumerism in New York City, and so we have designed a 4-part rhythm for our gatherings. Our hope is to place our energy and focus into practices that will form us into the image of Christ and empower us to follow the way of Jesus during the remaining 166 hours of our week.

When we gather on a Thursday night, we take one topic and focus on it for four weeks so that we can go deep into the topic and invite God into the slow and steady process of transformation.

Week 1: Group Lectio Divina - means “divine reading” in Latin. It is an ancient practice of reading the Bible in a way that is spiritually formational. We do this practice as a large group, followed by worship and ministry time.

Week 2: Workshop Groups - we begin with corporate worship and then scatter into workshop groups of 8-10 people. The first half is spent on reflection and discussion and then the second half is focused on prayer and ministry.

Week 3: Teaching - we gather as a large group to hear a Biblical teaching, followed by worship and ministry time.

Week 4: Workshop Groups - same format as described above.

*** This 4-part rhythm is then repeated as we transition into the next topic ***